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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zines Zines Zinnneeessssss

The Boston zine-scene is ramping back up as of the last couple years, which is really awesome. I know zines have been there all along, but as someone on the periphery of the zine world, I can really see from recent events that there is fresh interest in zines as a medium for art and writing. Washington Street Art Center is happy to be part of it by hosting Spring Zine Thing, put on by members of Small Craft Advisory.

Spring Zine Thing!

WSAC will be hosting around 15-20 zine makers to come sell, swap, read, and talk zines all afternoon. I am in the process of making a collaborative zine with Marissa, all about one of our favorite subjects: ART. So with 2 weeks to go, you totally have time to finish your zine and come hang out! Or if you just can't get the final pieces together, you should still stop by, and even bring your zine to work on at the community table.

Other upcoming zine events in our area after SZT include a Somerville Salon zine talk at the Armory, and there is also a call for zines by the Waltham Lincoln Arts Project for a show later this spring. Everything rules!